Magnezit Group Ltd. received certificates for the systems of quality management, ecology, industrial safety and labour protection

On April 27. an important event took place at the biggest production site of Magnezit Group Ltd. Kombinat Magnezit JSC. The enterprise has received international certificates for the systems of quality management, ecology, industrial safety and protection of labour. It should be pointed out that Kombinat Magnezit is the first among the Russian refractory enterprises to receive certificates for the three universally recognized standards of management of the most important business processes.

Magnezit Group Ltd will take part in VII-th International exhibition of metallurgical industry -2007

On June 12-16. Magnezit Group Ltd. will take part in the biggest International exhibition of metallurgical industry -2007 which is held every four years in Dusseldorf (Germany).

Research center of Magnezit Group

Center for technological developments has existed as an independent sub-division of Magnezit Group Ltd. only for a year and a half. But during this short period it has become a developed scientific and research base of the company.

Magnezit Group Ltd. will take part in the Ural industrial and economic decade

On April 3-4. Ural industrial and economic decade will begin its work at the Exhibition Center YuzhUral-Expo in Chelyabinsk. The event will be opened by the exhibition Points of growth in the framework of Chelyabinsk region development strategy which will be held as a part of the VIII-th South  Ural economic forum during which the participants will discuss strategy of social and economic development of Chelyabinsk region up to the year 2020.

Magnezit Group Ltd. took part in the International conference of metallurgists and producers of refractories
P>Annual International conference of metallurgists and producers of refractories took place on March 15-16. in Moscow at the Russian Academy of State Service by the President of Russian Federation. The program of the Conference was devoted to the issues of production of modern shaped and unshaped refractories, technology, raw materials and equipment, service of refractories in thermal units of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, modernization and technical re- equipment of refractory plants.
Kyshtym Refractory Plant, Ltd. summed up results of work in 2006

In 2006 volumes of production and sales of refractory products increased at Kyshtym Refractory Plant 17,7%.

The main investment project of Kombinat Magnezit Ltd.

The start of the project was timed to the 105- th anniversary of Kombinat Magnezit in July of last year. It is planned to finish it by the end of 2007. Implementation of the project will make it possible to create on the site of grinding, pressing and forming department at Magnesia Powder Plant  2 a closed technological production cycle  from getting of raw materials, its treatment and finishing with production of ready made products. At the same time own raw materials base of the enterprise will be used more effectively as one hundred per cent of the material burned in high-temperature shaft furnace of MAERZ firm will be used in production of magnesia refractories. 530 million rubles will be allocated in 2007 for implementation of this project.

Magnezit Group Ltd.: check-up by Civil Defence Authorities and Emergency Situations Authorities at the Kyshtym Refractory Plant Ltd.

Employees of the plant applied great effort to prepare for the check-up. They carried out much work for unification of requirements of civil defense authorities and emergency situations authorities in general system of documentation.

Investment program 2007: modernization of dosing line

According to the business strategy approved by the shareholders of Magnezit Group Ltd. up to the year 2010 an investment project of all-round modernization of dosing lines is being implemented at the plants for production of shaped refractories of Kombinat Magnezit JSC.

Magnezit Group Ltd. increases volumes of raw magnesite mining

Last week Magnezitovoya mine (town of Satka) brought to grass the four millionth ton of raw magnesite.


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