The production complex of the Nizhne-Priangarsky production site of the Group was named "Voskhod
Magnezit Group is among the most successful Russian suppliers
The Group was included in the rating of the best Russian suppliers in 2022.
Rosprirodnadzor inspection of Magnezit Group confirmed compliance with the standards for pollutant emissions
The effectiveness of the air purification equipment is further confirmed by state inspection authorities
Magnezit Group develops cooperation with regional suppliers for production automation and environmental monitoring
Development of technological cooperation and support of local suppliers in the regions of production activity is one of the priorities of Magnezit Group
The Group has implemented an investment project to introduce a new automated optical sorting line
New equipment installed at the Avangard complex allows to optimize the production process and reduce costs
Magnezit Group summarized the results of landscaping projects for 2022
Magnezit Group's environmental initiatives will be continued as part of the "Flowery City" program
Magnezit Group started a renewed mentoring program
As part of the corporate mentoring program, the introduction of new information services and modern digital solutions is planned
Customers can obtain confirmation of the quality of Magnezit Group's products online
Magnezit Group is switching to electronic quality certificates for shipped products
Magnezit Group publishes sustainability report
Magnezit Group published its first sustainability report for 2021
Magnezit Group received a grant from the Industrial Development Fund of the Chelyabinsk Region for research activities
Within the framework of state industrial support programs Magnezit Group received a grant in the amount of 2.5 million rubles for partial reimbursement of expenses for scientific and research works.

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