A unique animated project of Magnezit Group has been shortlisted at the European Excellence Awards 2011

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A unique animated project of Magnezit Group — animated cartoon «Our help-mate Magnezit» has been shortlisted at the European Excellence Awards 2011 in the category «Corporate Film&Video».

The animated cartoon «Our help-mate Magnesite» about diverse ways of mineral magnesite application is created on the basis of over 300 drawings of the children from Satka area, the Chelyabinsk region. They include pupils of schools, art schools, orphanages. Professional animators conducted a fascinating workshop for children on creation of animation films. The best drawings on how people use magnesite were animated and the main cartoon character Magnik was created.

The premiere of the animated cartoon took place in open children’s holiday on 16 of July 2011 dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Magnezit Group. More than 3000 children of Satka area came to get acquainted with Magnik. A parade of cartoon characters became the holiday culmination: Magnik with its friends followed by a wind band have passed on streets in the center of Satka.

Magnik was born in Southern Ural Mountains, it is a very young, kind and curious character who plays and grows up together with its creators. Today Magnik is the most popular hero of all festivities in Satka, and its appearance is always accompanied by pleasure, fun and good mood.

European Excellence Awards

The European Excellence Awards are created to honour the most outstanding achievements of communications professionals in their field. With 58 categories which cover everything from internal communications to public relations, as well as a wide range of industries from all across Europe, the awards explore the full range of the profession, and provide comprehensive look at the most exceptional examples of communication in Europe. With such a scope, the Excellence Awards ensures that achievement in all fields is acknowledged.

A list of esteemed communications specialists have been carefully selected as jury members for the European Excellence Awards to ensure a fair and balanced evaluation of all nominees.

The best video projects of European companies were shortlisted in the category «Corporate Film&Video». Translating the values and goals of the company onto film is the challenge when creating a video which will accurately and successfully represent the company to stakeholders and interested parties, as well as attracting the best employees.

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