Magnezit Group finishes construction of Power Center with capacity of 25 Wt

Magnezit Group is finishing construction of Power Center with capacity of 25 Wt on the basis of Satka production site (town Satka, Chelyabinsk region). Total investments into the project are about 700 million rubles. Commissioning of Power Center will take place this spring.

The project is aimed at perspective development of Satka production site and it is a constituent of the program for improvement of production process energy efficiency. Implementation of the project together with the existing operational capacities will allow gnezit Group to provide for more than half of its own requirements in electric energy as well as to considerably reduce expenses for electric energy in production costs of the most part of manufactured products. One more very important component of the program is improvement of the level of energy safety of production processes in conditions of high loads on the operational generating capacities in the region.

Power Center includes two production sites where gas-piston units are located, which correspond to the highest standards of ecological safety. Generating capacities are located in the immediate proximity of production workshops with high electric loads. It helps to minimize losses of energy in the power supply networks. Heat from the engines will be used for production of hot water and supplying of production facilities with thermal energy. The system of technological processes control at the electric power station is fully automated.

At present assembling of equipment is being finished. The general contractor of the project company INTMA (Moscow) installed 6 gas-piston generator sets GE Jenbacher. Civil and erection works are finished at the site, all modules are installed onto preliminary prepared foundations. Works are underway for assembling of heat points equipment, connecting of external electric, heat and gas supplying networks.

Nowadays plants of Satka production site of Magnezit Group are forced to purchase electric power from the regional supplying company and due to continuous growth of tariffs to annually increase the budget for purchasing of energy, says the Chief Powerman of Kombinat gnezit Sergei Chumachenko. Magnezit Group has experience of production of its own electric energy. At present the plant generates up to 15% of electric energy required for production processes with the help of turbine generators working with secondary energy recourses. Construction of Power Center will allow to provide with our own energy up to 60% of existing production capacities of gnezit Group and to considerably lower expenses for purchased electric energy.

Modernization and technological renovation of production capacities will also allow to considerably reduce expenses for energy resources. Implementation of the program will result in increase of power efficiency of production processes and considerable reduction of the share of purchased energy resources in the total volume of expenses, improvement of production efficiency of technological equipment and quality of final products.

Magnezit Group is a recognized world leader in the sphere of magnesia refractories production. The company ensures complete production cycle from mining of raw materials to engineering and operational service. Its structure is comprised of 16 production and servicing enterprises on the territory of Russia, China, Germany, Slovakia and Ukraine as well as a wide network of servicing and trading representative offices.

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