Magnezit Group commissions a new line for production of light-weight refractories

Magnezit Group commissioned a new line for production of light-weight refractories at Kyshtym Refractory plant (town Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk region).

Capacity of the line for production of fire clay light-weight bricks with bulk density of 1,3 g/cm3 amounts up to 200 tons per month. Such bricks are used for lining of working zones of furnaces subject to the influence of melts of slag and metals, abrasive action and mechanical strikes or as heat-insulation for various thermal units of metallurgical industry, machine-building, construction materials industry, energy sector, chemical industry and others.

At the beginning of the current year a new line for production of super light-weight refractories with bulk density 0,4 g/сm3 was commissioned at the same plant. Projected capacity of the line amounts to 10-12 tons per month.

Lines for production of light-weight and super light-weight refractory bricks are located at the operating mixing-and-pressing subdivision №1 of the grinding-and-burning workshop. 7, 2 million rubles were invested into the project.

Magnezit Group is a recognized world leader in production of highest quality magnesia refractories. The company ensures a complete cycle of refractories production - from mining of raw materials up to engineering and operational service. The structure of the company includes production and service enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, China and Europe and also a wide network of representative offices.

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