Animated cartoon «Our help-mate Magnesite» won «Silver Dolphin» of Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

Animated cartoon «Our help-mate Magnesite» has won «Silver Dolphin» Award in the category «Informational Films» of international corporate and documentary films festival Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards (Cannes, France).

The animated cartoon is created on the basis of more than 300 drawings of Satka city children (the Chelyabinsk region, Russia). Plants of Magnezit Group are city-forming enterprises there.

The main idea of the project is to create an animated cartoon about magnesite application involving children in discussion about civilization progress in whole and improvement of the particular person’s quality of life that is connected with development of the high-temperature technologies which products surround us in everyday life.

The main objectives of the project are to extend knowledge about basic magnesia products and fields of its application to the wide public, to raise interest in new fields of magnesite application, to provide career guidance for children and develop their creativity.

During the work on the cartoon together with children a child-friendly animated character named Magnik was created. This cartoon character, which was able to explain difficult things in plain language, became a favorite of children and a symbol of Magnezit Group.

The premiere of the animated cartoon took place in open children’s holiday in July, 2011. More than 3000 children of Satka area came to get acquainted with Magnik.. Nowadays a character of the cartoon Magnik takes part in all social communications of Magnezit Group.

Every year Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards — an international festival and competition of corporate films, on-line media and TV Documentaries — gets together marketing and communication professionals from corporations, public relations agencies, the public sector, producers, film makers, TV stations and students from all over the world. All movies are evaluated by an international jury, whose members are Oscar an Emmy Winners, specialists in the field of corporate image and media, audiovisual industry, marketing and communication.

The 2012 Awards Ceremony took place on October, 18 at Cannes. This year the new record number of entries was presented to the jury — more than 600 from 35 countries worldwide.

Magnezit Group — the recognized world leader in the production of magnesia refractories — aims to develop its industrial activity through diversification of production on the basis of magnesite. Impeccable reputation, high product quality, individual approach to problems of our partners determine the success of the company.

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