Magnezit Group and Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant JSC carry out a project for recycling steelmaking waste and producing concentrate containing up to 60% of zinc
Magnezit Group jointly with Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant JSC (CZP) have started implementing a project for utilization and reprocessing of Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAF). The result will be production of concentrate (Waelz oxide) with zinc content of up to 60%
Magnezit Group concluded an agreement on cooperation with the government of Krasnoyarsk Territory and Closed Joint-Stock Company UniCredit Bank
>Magnezit Group concluded a tripartite agreement with the administration of Krasnoyarsk Territory and Closed Joint-Stock Company UniCredit Bank on cooperation and socio-economic development of the region.
Magnezit Group will modernize in 2011 four electric furnaces and will increase annual production of fused periclase up to 50 thousand tons
Magnezit Group will modernize in 2011 capacities for production of fused periclase at the Magnesite Powder Workshop № 4 (-4) of Satka production site (town Satka in Chelyabinsk region).
Magnezit Group in 2011 begins production of dry magnesia mass for lining of vessels for continuous casting of steel
Magnezit Group begins in 2011 production of dry magnesia mass for working lining of tundishes of continuous casting machines at the plant Magnezit- Torkret-Massy, which makes part of Satka production site of the company (Satka, Chelyabinsk region).
Magnezit Group: "We suppose to supply to the enterprises of Russia and other CIS countries the whole volume of their demand for up-to-date magnesia refractories

At present the situation on the market of refractories remains rather ambiguous. On the background of step-by-step rehabilitation of metallurgy positive tendencies are observed in the refractory branch as well. But at the same time the market of refractories remains one of the most overstocked. Intensification of competition, which occurred due to sharp slump of consumption of refractory materials during the crisis period, forced manufacturers of refractories to look for new approaches to consumers and expand product markets.

At the moment Magnezit Group has the leading positions on the CIS market of refractory products. The company confidently demonstrates positive trend of development, launching additional capacities and expanding the range of offered products. We asked the General Director of Magnezit Group Mr. Odegov Sergei Yuryevich to tell about perspective projects, production results as well as about tendencies of refractory market.

Magnezit again confirmed high standards of industrial safety management system and ecological management.
Supervisory audit confirmed conformity to the international standards OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004 of existing systems of industrial safety management and protection of labor, of ecological management at the biggest enterprise of Satka production site of Magnezit Group Kobinat Magnezit (town Satka, Chelyabisnk region).
Magnezit Group completes modernization of gas-cleaning units of the Workshop for burning of magnesite powder
The project of modernization of gas-cleaning units of the 1-st subdivision of the Workshop for burning of magnesite powder of Production department of Magnezit Group (town Satka, Chelyabisnk region) with total cost of 400 mln. rubles entered its final stage.
Magnezit Group to increase production of refractories from Russian magnesite in Europe
Magnezit Group is implementing an investment project to re-equip and modernize the company’s European production facility — the Slovmag factory in Lubenik, Slovakia. This project will help the Group substantially strengthen its position in Europe and other countries by increasing the production of state-of-the-art periclase carbon refractories for the steel industry and spinel refractories for the cement industry.
Magnezit Group commissioned the first in Russia Complex for production of densely sintered clinkers
On September 5 festive ceremony of opening of the first in Russia complex for production of densely sintered periclase clinkers will be held in Satka, Chelyabinsk region. It is the biggest investment project of Magnezit Group during last five years. Its cost amounts nearly to 1 billion rubles.
Satka talented children reached final of the national selection competition EUROVISION 2008
Soloists of the childrens variety studio Baby Hit of the Palace of Culture Magnezit 11-year old residents of Satka (Chelyabinsk region) Liza and Dasha LEMESHEV reached the final of the National selection competition of children songs performers Eurovision -2008 which was organized by the All-Russia State TV Company and TV channel Russia. On the 27-th of May they took part in the semi final of the competition which identified the best twenty finalists the best performers of Russia.

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