Kombinat Magnezit confirms correspondence of its work system to the requirements of the International standard of quality management

Three consumers of refractories produced at Kombinat Magnezt (makes part of Magnezit Group) JSC Magnitogorsk Steel-making Works, JSC Ashinski Steel-making Works, JSC Zlatoust Steel-making Works carried out during 2007 audits for correspondence to the requirements of International standard of quality management.

Magnezit Group is planning to begin production of biceramic nozzles on the basis of zirconium dioxide
Magnezit Group is planning to begin production of biceramic nozzles on the basis of zirconium dioxide in November December 2007.
Magnezit Group established a scientific production sub-division for implementation of new technological processes and developments

A new scientific-production sub-division  NPK MAGNEZIT  was created in the structure of Magnezit Group. The main task of the new structure is implementation of new technological processes with application of existing equipment as well as creation of new production facilities for adoption of technological and other developments.

Kyshtym Refractory Works celebrated its 250-th Anniversary
On August 17-18. 2007 an enterprise belonging to Magnezit Group Kyshtym Refractory Works celebrated 250 the anniversary since its foundation.
Magnezit Group Ltd. increased export of refractory powders to Europe by more than two times

JSC mbinat Magnezit / Satka Chelyabinsk region /, which makes part of the holding Magnezit Group Ltd. exported during 6 months of 2007 to European countries Slovakia, Germany, Spain, France, Romania and Czechia 14 thousand tons of periclase refractory powders of -1-92, -88, and grades.

On the threshold of the 250-th anniversary one of the oldest production facilities of Magnezit Group Ltd. Kyshtym Refractory Works sums up results of the competition The best in the profession

One of the oldest production facilities of Magnezit Group Ltd.  Kyshtym Refractory Works celebrates on August 17. 2007 the 250 -th anniversary since the date of its foundation.

Magnezit Group took part in the VII th International exhibition of metallurgical industry -2007

Recently specialists of Magnezit Group returned from the biggest International exhibition of metallurgical industry -2007 which takes place every four years in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Magnezit group Ltd. entered EUROMINES European Association of Mining Industry, Metal Ores and Minerals of Industrial of industrial scale

In May Magnezit Group Ltd. entered the organization EUROMINES as an associated member. EUROMINES is recognized representative of European mining industry. And according to the letter of the general secretary statute of an associated member gives the right for full participation in all kinds of Euromines activity.

Magnezit Group Ltd. took part in the International conference MagMin 2007 in Turkey

On May 13-16. International conference MagMin 2007 was held in Istanbul. Specialists of Magnezit Group Ltd. took part in the conference. The program of this event was devoted to the problems of development of magnesite and magnesia refractories markets in modern conditions.

Magnezit Group Ltd. will take part in the IX-th International exhibition World of Glass 2007

On June 13 -16. 2007 Magnezit Group Ltd will take part in the IX-th International exhibition World of Glass 2007. It will be an exhibition of glass products, of technologies and equipment for production and processing of glass. Organizers of the exhibition are the Union of Architects of Russia and Closed JSC ExpoCenter with support and promotion of the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies of Russian Federation, city administration and government of Moscow. It will be held at the exhibition complex of the Closed JSC ExpoCenter under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation.


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