Magnezit Group promotes programmes for the conservation of water resources and biodiversity

Consistently implementing the principles of sustainable development with responsibility to future generations, Magnezit Group develops environmental programs for protection of natural resources in the regions of its activities. Two of the most important deposits of the Group, Kirgiteyskoye and Talskoye, are located in the Krasnoyarsk Region. Here the Group mines and processes unique, pure Siberian magnesite, which is the basis of the premium line of refractory products «Russian Magnezit».

The need to preserve the unique nature of Siberia sets special requirements for the rational and efficient use of production resources. The industrial complex operating here is equipped in accordance with most modern, high-tech standards, strictly complying with all environmental regulations. One of the key areas of the environmental agenda is the conservation of water resources —and in addition to development of a closed water-circulation system and constant quality control of wastewater emissions, the Group also regularly conducts measures to maintain biodiversity.

As part of this programme, in August 2022, the specialists of the Magnezit Group in Razdolinsk released more than 36 thousand sterlet fry in Yenisey River. Works on artificial reproduction of valuable fish species are carried out in coordination with the Federal Agency for Fishery on a regular basis. Earlier, thanks to the Magnezit Group, more than 34 thousand sturgeon fry became the new settlers of the Yenisey.

The Magnezit Group releases young sterlets for the first time. This fish from the sturgeon family belongs to a particularly valuable species of fish living in the Yenisey River basin. Scientific consultants, which are as a rule involved in all environmental projects of the Group note its good survival rate (up to 98%) and high fertility (up to 140 thousand eggs). Consistent monitoring of fish adaptation to new conditions is carried out and the whole process is controlled by local and federal authorities.

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