The employees of Magnezit Group were honored with awards on the Metallurgist's Day

Magnezit Group congratulated its employees and veterans of the company, as well as representatives of partner enterprises on the Metallurgist’s Day. The main event of the holiday was a solemn ceremony of honoring veterans and employees of Magnezit Group, who were awarded departmental, regional, municipal and corporate awards.

The holiday took place in the Magnezit Cultural Center and ended with a big concert of Oleg Mityaev, People’s Artist of Russia, and the group «The Irony of Fate». Also on this day Magnezit residents and guests of the company visited several exhibitions at different venues: «Artificial Intelligence. People x Ideas x Achievements» in the corporate museum, «Phase I: Water» in the Palace of Culture and on the open area near it — an exposition dedicated to the Satka Mining and Ceramic College named after A. K. Savin.

This year more than 30 employees of Magnezit Group were honored with departmental, regional and corporate awards. Another 20 employees of the company were awarded with Letters of Gratitude and Certificates of Honor from the head of Satkinsky District.

At the solemn ceremony of awarding the audience was welcomed by the deputy governor of Chelyabinsk region Ivan Kutsyvlyak, deputy general director of Magnezit Group Vasily Verzakov and the head of Satkinsky district Alexander Glazkov. Congratulating employees and veterans of the company and handing them deserved awards, they thanked for labor and wished them good health, happiness, prosperity and success.

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