Million Trees is a nominee for the Best ESG Projects in Russia award

Magnezit Group’s projects «Million Trees» and «Blooming City» are in the list of nominees of the «Best ESG Projects in Russia» programme. Every year, this award recognizes the best achievements of national business leaders in the field of corporate social responsibility and environmental protection.

The competition jury including representatives of business, government, public and scientific institutions, including the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, will evaluate these initiatives for reforestation and urban development implemented by the Magnezit Group.

To date, within the framework of the Million Trees program 1.06 million trees have been planted on an area of more than 180 hectares. The quality indicators of the project have also been achieved — a stable forest cover has been formed in the affected areas, for which the survival rates are monitored, weeding and watering of seedlings are carried out. This large-scale project to offset greenhouse gas emissions is aimed at achieving global UN goals to combat climate change and its consequences, protect and restore ecosystems, draw attention to environmental issues, ensure a healthy lifestyle and well-being of the local communities, and create sustainable infrastructure for cities and towns.

The partners of the project were the Satka District Development Assistance Fund, partner enterprises and contractors of the Group, local residents, volunteers, regional administration, scientists and experts. In particular, townspeople and specialists from the Satka forestry and environmental service identified priority areas for implementation of the programme. Experts from the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences helped select specific tree varieties that are frost-resistant, undemanding to soil conditions, grow quickly and are able to maintain their appearance throughout the entire vegetation season.

The Million Trees program has become another example of the Magnezit Group’s rational and responsible approach to conducting production activities, taking into account aspects of sustainable development. Residents of Satka, where the Group’s main production site is located, appreciated the results achieved and praised the initiative to implement a similar project in urban areas where the possibilities for planting large trees are limited. The project found a response from the Group’s management and was named «Blooming City». Its implementation began in 2023 and the first results are already visible on the streets of Satka.

Blooming City is a truly popular project that will complement the results of the Million Trees programme by planting over 10 million flowering plants on the territory of Satka. It is intended not only to improve the town, decorate it with flower beds and green art objects, but also to show residents the prospects for the development of the territory, to continue interaction, thanks to which their beloved city will become even better and more comfortable.

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