Magnezit Group presented innovative experience in using industrial waste

This unique exhibition at the Chelyabinsk «Non-Museum of Garbage» is timed to coincide with the Day of Environmental Knowledge and the All-Russian campaign «Week of Environmental Knowledge». The Group presented its own exposition of technologies used for recycling and using waste, which significantly reduce the burden on the environment while increasing the efficiency of production activities.

The Group’s stand tells in figures and facts about the processes developed by our specialists for the environmentally friendly extraction of magnesite in a mine using a hardening composite. In its manufacture, waste rock remaining after the extraction of raw materials from the Group’s deposits, metallurgical waste supplied by partners and cement are used.

For comparison, the previously used mining method — room and pillar mining — required leaving 30% of the raw materials in the mine in the form of supports that prevent collapses, thus, a significant part of the valuable resources became inaccessible for further use. The use of a hardening composite instead makes it possible to extract 100% of natural magnesite while ensuring the stability of the earth’s surface, reduces the volume of waste rock dumps and provides opportunities for efficient use of metallurgical waste.

With respect for natural resources and preserving the possibilities of their use for future generations, the Group contributes to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals supported by it, including assistance in greation of sustainable consumption and production patterns (UN Goal No. 12). The Group also shares its experience in reducing the burden on the environment and developing eco-culture in the regions of its presence, talks about modern industrial complexes and production processes with the prefix «eco» to promote the sustainable development agenda and fulfill national priorities in this area.

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