Magnezit Group and Ministry of Industry, Energy and Trade of Krasnoyarsk Territory signed an Agreement on socio-economic cooperation

The Agreement on socio-economic cooperation between the government of the Territory and the company was signed by the minister of the regional industry Anatoli Zykalov and director of the subsidiary of Magnezit Group in the town Razdolinsk Sergei Tefanov in the framework of Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum (КEF).

According to the signed obligations Magnezit Group plans to ensure growth of fused magnesia production in the settlement Razdolinsk of Motyginski district of Krasnoyarsk Territory from 15 000 to 50 000 tons by the year 2020. During the nearest five years it is scheduled to construct the second stage of the fusion workshop on the basis of furnaces with the annual production capacity of up to 100 thousand tons. At the same time the company considers to create not less than 200 new highly productive jobs. Investments into the project are expected on the level of 5 billion rubles.

«This step is aimed at mutual recognition that the enterprise intends to expand production facilities, to create additional jobs. Mutual agreements stipulate participation of the enterprise in solution of the social problems of the region: improvement of roads infrastructure, public health facilities. The next stage will be signing of the targeted agreement with Motyginsk district, in which social participation of the company will be reflected», — Mr. Zykalov informed.

Magnezit Group implements at the Lower-Angara production site an investment project for construction of the modern industrial complex for integrated magnesite treatment. The company has in its possession the Razdolinsk Periclase Plant in Krasnoyarsk Territory since 2007. In 2011 the company obtained the license for the right to use the Talsk magnesite deposit. The Group controls more than 70% of CIS magnesia refractories market. The company includes enterprises in Russia, China, Slovakia and Ukraine.

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