Magnezit Group presented its innovations at Urals Industrial and Economic Week

Magnezit Group participates in the VIII International Industrial Forum «Reconstruction of industrial enterprises — breakthrough technologies in metallurgy and machine building» and XVI Urals Industrial and Economic Week, which are held in Chelyabinsk, April 12–15.

Traditionally, the Forum and Urals Industrial and Economic Week are organized by World Trade Center, Chelyabinsk and «Chelyabgipromez» with support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development of Chelyabinsk region.

Magnezit Group is one of the biggest and permanent participants of specialized exhibitions and Forum Business program. Companys innovations are presented on the display board. Groups experts have meetings and negotiations; they take part in Forums major events.

Thus, Sergey Danilchenko, specialist on refractory service in steelmaking industry of Department of Engineering, Projects and Performance of Works, Magnezit Group, during a round-table discussion on April, 14th presented his report «Innovations and import substitution in metallurgy and machine building». Representatives of Chelyabinsk region authorities, as well as experts of biggest manufacturing and scientific institutions of Russia and non-CIS countries took part in the discussion too. Stanislav Tverdokhleb, Director of Industrial Innovations Center, explained that they invited to join the discussion those companies that are the brightest and successful examples of implementation of import-substitution principles in Chelyabinsk region and other parts of Russia. «We can see that in the West the whole business was developed on the innovations basis, unfortunately, our local manufacturers are busy with solving vital problems and postpone innovations «for later». Thats why today at the roundtable discussion wed like to hear about successful Russian and Ural activities in the direction,» commented Mr. Tverdokhleb.

Sergey Danilchenko, representative of Magnezit Group, told about key directions of the Company development, innovative products and advanced technologies, complex maintenance services and in-house design solutions for the heating unit linings. In particular, he informed his Russian and foreign colleagues that over the last few years Magnezit Group has completed a large-scale renovation of two main production sites — Satka production site in Chelyabinsk region and Lower Angara production site in Krasnoyarsk region. «In Satka we commissioned a new magnesia clinker production Complex, which combines in the technological cycle state-of-the-art units — a multi-heath furnace, grinding and pressing equipment and two high-temperature shaft kilns for magnesia powders burning. The multi-hearth furnace of the Complex was specially designed for Magnezit Group by Polysius AG (today Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions),» said Mr. Danilchenko. «During commissioning our experienced engineers helped to adjust parameters of the thermal treatment process taking into consideration peculiarities of own raw materials in order to achieve high-quality finished products. The main feature of the furnace is the speed and simplicity to switch to production of the product with required characteristics. It ensures high flexibility in product range management according to the customers requirements.»

Magnezit Groups representative also mentioned that the production cycle of the Complex at Satka site also includes grinding and pressing department and two shaft kilns manufactured by Polysius AG. Shaft kiln #2 is a world record-holder on production capacity: earlier the production capacity of such units operated in different countries didnt exceed 50 000 t/a. With commissioning of two Polysius AG shaft kilns at Groups Lower Angara production site in Krasnoyarsk region the total production capacity of the Magnezits units reached 230 000t. magnesia annually.

«All commissioned units comply with all up-to-date international standards, including energy efficiency and environment safety,» said Sergey Danilchenko.

Apart from business and expert parts of the Program, in the frames of the Urals Industrial and Economic Week, Magnezit Group presented to delegates and participants its unique product — quiz game «CHRONOLOGICA». It is a board game based on the most relevant events in the history of Magnezit Group, Satka (Chelyabinsk region), as well as in the history of metallurgical, cement and glass industry. The main task for players is to put events in the correct chronological order. «Success in the game doesnt depend on the precise knowledge of all dates: sometimes logical thinking and sharpness of mind are enough for a victory,» said the creators of «Chronologica». «The game develops brains, wit and scopes of interests. It will be perfect for a useful and jolly pastime with family, friends and colleagues.»

The base for the game is a deck of 115 cards, on the face side of each card there is an image, a key word for easier memorizing of the event and its brief description. On the other side there is a year of the event instead of the key word. One of the key advantages of «Chronologica» is its portability; its easy to take the game on a trip.

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