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Magnezit Group published for the jubilee of Satka a photo album «Words and Images of Satka Land» by Vladimir Sadyrin

Magnezit Group (Satka, Chelyabinsk region) published a photo album «Words and Images of Satka Land» by Vladimir Sadyrin, where the author presented a unique collection of photographs of his beloved native land which he had accumulated during many years.

In 2018 Satka will celebrate the 260-th anniversary of its founding. Release of the album will not only be an artistic event, but will also serve as one of the important tools in Satka’s communications as a territorial brand. The book allows the reader including the foreign one to look at the Urals through the eyes of a person perceptive to its beauty and residing there for several decades.

Author of the photographs Vladimir Sadyrin, a native of the small city of Bakal in the South Urals, has worked for many years in executive positions in education and public administration, in particular, as the rector of the Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University, the Minister of Education and Science of the Chelyabinsk region, the head of Satka and Satka district. Photography is his ardent and long-standing passion.

The Magnezit Group, which takes an active part in the socio-cultural development of the region, invited the author to arrange his photo sketches in the form of a book, thanks to which more people will be able to learn about the amazing beauty and identity of the Urals.

When elaborating the design, it was necessary to ensure a harmonious bilingualism of the album, taking into account the interests of not only the Russian but also the international audience. Bilingualism has become not just a function, but also a conceptual basis for the project. The album is a sort of «dictionary of the Satka land», in which photography and text complement each other and reveal each other. Ural toponyms, other local names of phenomena and concepts are «translated» into universal Latin (using transliteration). A separate chapter is devoted to each of them.

The photographs are accompanied by an information note and a lyrical author’s text. Active typography in contrast to photographs creates the effect of «powerful beauty» of the Urals nature, and Vladimir Sadyrin’s emotional story «inspires» informative, but bare geographic and statistical data so that the reader can fully be imbued with the striking natural phenomena of the industrial city of Satka and its environs.

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