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Magnezit Group continues to develop its magnesite deposits in Chelyabinsk region

Works at Yelnichnoe deposit

Within the adopted strategy of qualitative growth and striving to ensure full independence from exports of raw materials, Magnezit Group continues to develop the Yelnichnoe deposit at the Satka production site.

As of today, the drainage of the territory in this swampy area is nearly complete. The works included the construction of a new 1,700 meters channel reinforced with metal framing to divert the waters of the river Chetvertaya. In future, it will drastically save energy to be spent on drainage.

Following its sustainable development policy, Magnezit Group aims to lower the impact of production activities on the environment. In progress of the Yelnichnoe magnesite deposit development a comprehensive system of drainage and water treatment is being installed. Most modern purification equipment is already supplied, allowing the subsequent discharge of clean waters into the Bolshaya Satka River.

Meanwhile, the production at the field is already underway. In 2021, the Group extracted 220 thousand tons of magnesite and 800 thousand cubic meters of waste rock here. The reserves of the Yelnichnoe deposit alone amount to more than two million tons, and the total volume of the Group’s own resources can provide the existing production capacities with magnesite ore for over 100 years.

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