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Magnezit Group was declared the best supplier of refractories for Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Integrated Works (╠╠╩)

Ceremony of awarding winners of the contest «The Best Supplier 2015» took place at the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Integrated Works Magnezit Group was honored with this title in nomination «Refractories».

The main goal of the contest consists in popularization of long-term, reliable partner relations as well as of openness and transparency of the procurement process at MMK. All the contractors of the company were invited to take part in the competition. A special commission analyzed deliveries of material and technical resources and services during 2015 from all suppliers having the top raring. The main criteria for identification of winners became the following: optimal price/quality correlation for supplied products, demand for goods and services and their attractiveness, innovative and scientific-technical character of products and other parameters.

«╠Ógnezit» and ╠╠╩ are connected by more than 80 years of fruitful cooperation. «Nowadays our company delivers to Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Integrated Works 100 percent of gunning masses intended for lining of tundishes of continuous casting machines, — the leading specialists of Magnezit Group Vladimir Ovsyannikov pointed out. — We deliver also 100 percent of all the refractory materials for lining of tandem furnace ─Đ└-32. After its reconstruction in January-March 2016 we suggested a new construction of the roof and in the nearest time we will start deliveries of bricks of ¤Ň¤-4 grade for lining of the roof. Besides, we ship a new kind of products of ¤Ë╦Ď-92 grade for tap-holes of 370-tons converters. Our vacuum degassers are in strong demand at ╠╠╩. Each year we deliver to the plant about 62–65 complete sets — 70 percent of what is required. „╠Ógnezit“ succeeded to occupy this niche thanks to high quality of bricks and flexible attitude during improvement of degasser construction. Service life and the number of heats, which our refractories are able to withstand, entirely satisfy our partners from MMK».

In his turn the general director of Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Integrated Works Pavel Shilyaev described Magnezit Group as a long-standing conscientious partner ready to help at a momentĺs notice and presented the deputy general director Vasili Verzakov with the Competition Laureate Award.

«By acknowledging „╠Ógnezit“ the best supplier of refractories, ╠╠╩ estimated at its true worth the quality of our products. In the future we are obliged not only to maintain this level but to raise it still higher, — Vasili Verzakov pointed out. — I am sure that our partnership with MMK will become stronger and will develop further. The more so because our partnership exceeded the limits of supplier-consumer relations. We exchange experience accumulated not only in production and scientific-and-technical fields but in the social sphere as well. In this way, for example, specialists of our companies exchanged ideas concerning programs of personnel training and development of human resources, organization of the system for adaptation of interns and other aspects of personnel management. Besides, a joint project of beautification has been implemented as well as number of other initiatives.»

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