Development Strategy

We constantly look for new solutions and promptly respond to rapidly changing world around us. Our achievements become the foundation for a new stage of development as well as contribute to the formation of new opportunities for individuals and society.

Basic principles of strategic development:

Modernization and Innovation

The Group is committed to a qualitative change in the existing production facilities and applied technological processes, aimed at creating a modern, efficient industrial complex for the production of high-quality innovative products with high added value.

Resource conservation and energy efficiency

The Company’s activity provides for the implementation of measures for rational and efficient use of production resources (raw materials, energy, etc.) aimed at responsible consumption, increased productivity and quality of products.

Environmental safety

The company is actively working to minimize the impact of its business on the environment and to achieve the maximum level of industrial safety.

Constructive partnership

The Group builds partnerships with all interested parties on the principles of integrity, commitment, mutual trust and respect, professionalism, honesty and transparency.

Social Responsibility

The Group consistently bases its activity on careful attention to the interests of employees, maintenance of decent working conditions, social and spiritual well-being, promotion of social and economic development of the regions where the Group’s enterprises are based.