Sales policy

Mission of Magnezit Group includes the necessity to organize overall servicing of customers, and in this connection the delivery of refractory materials represents an integral part of the problem in question. Specialists of the Group are eager to design the lining for any heating units according to the specific conditions of their usage; to perform the functions of the manufacturer's control over the lining process; to guarantee timely continuous deliveries and to provide the required engineering maintenance of heating units.

For the present the Group possesses the largest network of refractory distribution in Russia and CIS-counties. The company is proud of a significant list of customers, which includes more than 700 domestic and foreign companies of ferrous and non-ferrous industries, cement, chemical, paper and pulp industries, sugar refining industry, engineering industry, power engineering, agriculture.

In order to attract new customers and strengthen the relationships with the already available clients the company develops its production base, increases the flexibility of distribution units.

Our team of highly qualified managers will help you to:

  • make an order;
  • determine real terms and optimal methods of delivery;
  • calculate and reduce the transportation costs;
  • choose among the various forms of payment for the delivered goods;
  • gain consultations concerning the packaging and furnishing of goods;
  • discuss and prepare a contract;
  • within the fixed terms inform concerning the delivery of goods;
  • provide with the required set of accompanying documents;
  • develop a report concerning the volumes of the shipped goods;
  • prepare a report on financial situation and settlements on the contract with a customer.

The following structural units are responsible for distribution and engineering:

  • Magnezit Group Ltd., Satka, Cheliabinsk Region;
  • Moscow representation, which reforms as an administrative and strategic center of the Group;
  • Dalmond Refractory Materials Ltd., responsible for export/import operations.

Quality system, certification

As for satisfying the demands of the market and customers one of the main factors is manufacturing of the qualitative products. Magnezit Plant and Yingkou Dalmond Refractories Co., Ltd., possess the certificates of ISO quality management system.

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