1871 — the first registered discovery of magnesite raw material

1886 — beginnings of the Slovak magnesite industry, establishment of the joint-stock company Magyar magnezit termények

1897 — beginning of the mining of magnesite in Lubeník

1900 — establishment of the joint-stock company Magnezit Ipar

1903 — 1926 — join both join-stock companies to MIAG (Magnezit-Industrie Actien Gesselschaft)

1905 — establishment of Algemeine Magnesite A.G. - Amag Lubeník

1956 — 1970 — construction of a new plant for manufacture of clinkers and bricks in Lubeník

1.1.1993 — transformation into state enterprise SMZ Lubeník

1.4.1994 — transformation into the joint-stock company SLOVMAG, a.s. Lubeník

2006 — the majority of the stocks of our company were acquired by a Bratislava based company INVEST-KAPITAL, a.s.

2008 — SLOVMAG, a.s. Lubeník became a member of the Russian integrated company MAGNEZIT GROUP