Quality management

The impact on quality is a fundamental phenomenon of the management of SLOVMAG, a.s. Lubeník and a pre-condition of maintaining the position on the international market. SLOVMAG, a.s. Lubeník built its quality management system in accordance with the Standard ISO 9002:1994 as one of the first Slovak enterprises.

The built quality management system was verified by a certification audit carried out by the international firm Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance and the result of the audit was the issue of a certificate with the validity until 30.06.1997. At the same time, the right to use the certification sign in blank forms of our joint-stock company was also granted. The result of a re-certification audit was the prolongation of the certificate validity until 30.06.2009.

An excellent technical and technological level of the manufacture and application of the bricks from the production of SLOVMAG, a.s.Lubeník is a main pre-condition of reaching high service lives of linings at the customers. One of the greatest successes was a record service life of the converter lining at a well-known Czech steelworks and the subsequent award of the golden medal SLOVAK GOLD for periclas-carbon bricks in 1997.