Wuxi Nanfang Dalmond Refractories

A joint venture Wuxi Nanfang Dalmond Refractories (Yixing, Jiangsu Province) was established in January 2005 and was set in operation in April 2006. A Chinese partner is Wuxi Nanfang Refractories Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1950s, Nanfang Refractories Co., Ltd has developed into a key Metallurgic Refractories producer in China, with a long history and rich experience in production, design, R & D and service of refractory. Today the company is a national key hi-tech and ISO9001:2000 certified enterprise, also granted as the national enterprise of "Keeping promise & Honouring contracts".

With strong R&D force, advanced manufacture facilities, strict quality control system, Nanfang Refractories has specific advantages in refractory manufacturing. Currently, the products consist of three series: Metallurgic Refractories, High-temperature kiln Refractories, Laboratory and Industrial Electric Furnaces. The Metallurgical Refractories, which is dominant in the whole business of Nanfang, mainly include: Ladle Shrouds (L/S), Submerged Entry Nozzles (SEN), Monoblock Stoppers (MBS), Slide Gate Plates & Nozzles for Ladle & Tundish, Purging Plugs for Ladle and BOF, Monoblock Tap Hole Sleeves for BOF and EAF, Metering Nozzle, Pre-cast shapes and Castables for Blast Furnace Trough, and other Monolithic Refractories for iron outlet, etc.

Through decades of practice in the field of Metallurgic Refracotories, Nanfang Refractories has been the biggest Isostatically Pressed Products producer for Con-casting and the main Metallurgic Functional Refractory manufacturer in China.

The products of Nanfang has been characterized by the following : 1. Reliable quality; 2. Hi-tech content; 3. The clients of large metallurgic companies.

As one of the earliest Refractories manufacturers in China, Nanfang Refractories always attaches great importance in the research & development and has good cooperation with the relevant universities & research institutes in China. Many products of Nanfang filled up the domestic vacancy, and replaced the importation. Presently, such products are broadly used in the domestic large steel plants such as Baosteel Group, Ansteel Group, Shougang Group, Masteel Group, Wuhan Irion & steel Group, Shagang Group, Benxi Steel Group, Tisco. In fact, the Wuxi Nanfang Refractories Co., Ltd has been the biggest refractory supplier of Baosteel Group for nearly ten years. In addition, the products are also exported to Europe, Japan, Russia, South Korea, America etc., and the oversea markets are becoming new growth force for the company.

Project production capacity — 5 000 tons per year.

Supplying the best quality with the lowest price is our goal.

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