The possession of raw materials base, seven production units both within the territory of Russia and abroad (Germany, China), flexible production structure allow the "Magnezit Group" to offer its customers the whole range of refractory materials on the basis of magnesite, targeted for any types of heating units.

The whole range of products includes:

Products of "Magnezit Plant":

Shaped refractories:

  • Periclase shapes made of sintered powders
  • Periclase-chrome bricks
  • Thermal-resistant chrome-periclase bricks
  • Periclase-carbon bricks
  • Spinel- periclase-carbon bricks
  • Periclase bricks made of fucsed periclase
  • Refractories for sliding gates
  • Periclase stoppers
  • Silicon-carbide electric heaters
Unshaped refractories:
  • Various masses and mortars
  • Fused periclase powder
  • Sintered periclase powders
  • Caustic magnesite powders
Products of Yingkou Dalmond Refractories Co., Ltd:
  • The whole range of periclase-carbon refractories
  • Alumina-periclase-carbon products
Products of Wuxi Nanfang Dalmond Refractories Co., Ltd:
Cast corundum-graphite refractories for tundishes for continuous casting of steel
  • Stoppers - monoblocks
  • Submerged nozzles
  • Tubes for protection of metal stream
Products of Magnezit-Intocast-Satka Ltd.:
Unshaped refractory materials for:
  • Tundishes
  • Steel teeming ladles
  • Electric furnaces of various types (including "Fuchs")
  • Oxygen convertors
  • Open hearth furnaces
"Feuerfest Siegburg GmbH":
  • Large size shaped magnesia refractories for metallurgical units
  • Cast refractories of corundum composition for tundishes and electric furnaces
  • Unshaped refractory materials of magnesia and corundum composition for convertors and electric furnaces
Every year plants of the Group manufacture about 1,3 million tons of high-quality refractory materials. The whole products meet all the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.