Comprehensive service

Comprehensive service is the most called-for form of cooperation, providing customers with the highest results of thermal vessels reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Comprehensive service includes:

1. Provision with refractory products for lining of vessels and with auxiliary materials for hot repairs.

2. Engineering

  • individual designing of linings and metal structures of thermal vessels;
  • development of 3D-models of thermal vessels enabling creation of three-dimensional images and exact copies of a particular vessel;
  • thermal design and strength performance calculations of thermal vessels structures with the help of the software ANSYS;
  • field supervision of linings installation for ensuring execution of individual requirements of customers;
  • contract supervision and installation works, monitoring and analysis of results for providing more efficient application of refractories;
  • personnel training.

3. Carrying out of the whole range of refractory works by highly skilled specialists:

  • installation, repair, servicing and replacement of linings;
  • end-to-end control system of refractory works execution, analysis and control of linings condition, thermal vessels parameters and operation modes;
  • allocation of know-how (continuous perfection of repair works and servicing technique, development of recommendations for thermal vessels operation etc.);
  • provision with auxiliary equipment for linings installation and servicing;
  • refractory waste recycling after finishing of linings service life;

Highly skilled personnel, high-quality products, powerful engineering center, cooperation with acknowledged foreign technological partners enable Magnezit Group to render comprehensive first–rate servicing.


Magnezit Group has been cooperating for many years with the leading European and Russian manufacturers of equipment for enterprises of metallurgical, cement, glass and chemical industry.

Specialists of Magnezit Group can render following services:

  • selection of equipment for refractory lining installation or repair with the possibility of carrying out tests;
  • delivery of the chosen equipment including customs clearance and shipment to the customer;
  • starting-up and adjustment and personnel training for work with the equipment units;
  • after-sales service of units and timely supply of spare parts.