Sustainable Development Management System

Sustainability is an integral part of our business, operations and standards, a driver of increasing long—term value and positive effects for all stakeholders.

The Group strives to implement the principles of sustainable development in all aspects of its activities. Sustainable development management is fully integrated into the Group’s overall corporate governance practicies. Therefore, the entire management is also responsible for sustainability. Operational implementation takes place in the divisions and along the value chain.

To ensure the effectiveness of the Group’s activities, integrated management systems (IMS) have been implemented and certified that meet the requirements of international standards:
ISO 45001:2018 — Occupational Health and Safety
ISO 14001:2015 — Environmental Management
ISO 9001:2015 — Quality Management

The Group has adopted policies and regulations that set out our basic principles and approaches to the implementation of sustainable development policy agenda. They address our core interactions with our interested parties and include:
  1. 1.Sustainable Development Policy
  2. 2.Code of Ethics
  3. 3.Social Investment policy(available in Russian language only)
  4. 4.Environmental policy
  5. 5.Policy in the field of quality, environmental protection, industrial safety and labor protection(available in Russian language only)
  6. 6.Supplier Code of Ethics

Report a violation:

You can report to us any violations of these documents, safety regulations, facts of corruption, fraud, discrimination, abuse, conflict of interests, other issues on human rights. You are free not to disclose your identity.

Messages should be sent to:

All requests are handled by the Group’s Corporate Development and Strategic Communications Department.