Environment protection

Magnezit Group certainly complies with all relevant requirements in the field of environmental protection, consistently develops and implements effective environmental management systems in accordance with best international practices. The assessment of environmental factors is an integrated part the business planning process — the development and approval of any investment project is taking into account its potential impact on the environment, and at least 20% of funds are invested to minimize emissions, lower energy and resource consumption. Modern production complexes of the Group utilize recyclable water and heat, efficiently use raw materials, ensure that all dust is captured and returned to production.

An important part of the Group’s environmental program is the transition to a closed water-circulation system. Mitigating the river water consumption and wastewater emissions, it also significantly reduces the energy required for pumping and wastewater treatment.

The Environmental Policy of Magnezit Group sets strategic pillars of the Groups environmental protection activities. It provides for identifying, monitoring and control of adverse impacts, the use of its principles in the supply chain, as well as full transparency and cooperation with stakeholders. Magnezit Group was one of the pioneers to sign an agreement on environmental protection with the Government of the Chelyabinsk Region and took additional commitments to reduce its ecological footprint. Total investments under this agreement has already exceeded 2.5 billion rubles.

Within the framework of the Million Trees program implemented by the Group already planted over 1000 thousand trees covering an area of 200 hectares, each one of them able to absorb up to 150kg of CO2 in year.