Sustainable Development Goals

We aim to achieve leadership positions in the industry, following highest standards of environmental, social and corporate responsibility, taking into account the requests and expectations of all stakeholders.

The Group supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals aimed at addressing significant economic, social and environmental issues of the world community. In our Sustainable Development Policy we focus on two of them that reflect our responsibility to society at most — ensuring economic growth, employment and decent work (UN Goal No. 8) and creating a rational model of resource consumption and production (UN Goal No. 12).

Goal No. 8 includes commitments to create sustainable, safe production that ensures decent working conditions, stability of the global production chain and economic growth. Our participation in the implementation of the goals of industrialization and innovation (No. 9), as well as the creation of sustainable cities and local communities (No. 11) is based on the fulfillment of these tasks.

We are entrusted with accessing some of the world’s essential materials and making them available for public use. Goal No. 12 reflects our commitment to do this in a way that ensures economical, environmentally friendly and sustainable production. This goal also correlates with the goals of ensuring a good health and well-being (No. 3), promoting innovation (No. 9) and combating climate change (No. 13).

While participating in the implementation of these and other global sustainable development goals, the Group attaches great importance to establishing effective partnerships with all stakeholders at both the international, federal and local levels — scientific organizations, technological partners, government agencies and, of course, the people, small businesses, non-profit organizations in the regions of presence. Thus, Goal No. 17 on strengthening the global partnership for sustainable development also plays an important role in the Group’s sustainable development agenda, as it reflects our approach to achieving our sustainability objectives.