Innovation, efficient use of resources and energy, sustainable product portfolio

We are committed to understand the evolving expectations of our interested parties, so we might utilize the arising opportunities and minimize risks. On the course to create a sustainable product portfolio and increase the efficiency of production activities the Group sets the following goals:

  • Interaction with consumers, scientific organizations to improve our operational performance and market most consistent and innovative solutions and products
  • Promoting the creation of a closed-cycle economy, maintaining a rational balance of production and resource consumption, mitigating the carbon footprint, reducing the use of raw-materials and energy
  • Adaptive innovations, including continuous work to improve production processes and applied technologies in accordance with the most modern solutions

Priority areas of R&D until 2030:

  • Waste and used materials recycling. Currently the Group is already using its own utilized refractories in production
  • Development and marketing of refractory materials based on new types of binders that reduce the environmental impact and increase their operational characteristics
  • Low-emission methods of crude ore treatment, new production technologies with minimization of CO2 emissions, their capture and subsequent commercial use

The Group’s employees are the authors of a number of patents on production technologies, methods for enriching raw materials and obtaining pure magnesium oxide.

The Center of technological developments of the Group in Satka is the heart of our R&D. There is active cooperation with specialized scientific organizations, representatives of the Group regularly participate in the largest scientific and practical conferences. The Technological Development Center and production sites of the Group are regularly visited by students of specialized federal universities — the Faculty of Geology of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Novovosibirsk State University and regional institutions of higher education.