Horizontal convertor

Magnezit Group offers the whole range of refractory materials for lining of horizontal convertor.

Thanks to the wide range of refractories available at Magnezit Group we are able to offer flexible approach to design works of linings with maximum taking into account of real operational conditions of thermal units work. Drawings and recommendations on application of refractories are elaborated with taking into account requirements of strength of linings and thermal modes of their operation. Complete deliveries supply Consumers with all refractory materials used in furnace linings and its auxiliary units.

During production of refractory materials the most advanced technologies and equipment are used as well as high quality raw materials. All refractory materials are produced at the plants with certified quality management system according to ISO 9001.

For carrying out high-quality installation works and with the aim of ensuring guaranteed strength of linings we are able to offer the whole range of auxiliary equipment: cutting-off machines, mixers, gunning machines, systems for compacting of unshaped materials.

Characteristics of refractory materials for this unit

Модель агрегата

Lining zones:

  1. Bottom
  2. Tuyere ring
  3. Roof of the furnace and Mouth
  4. Lance zone
  5. Walls
  6. Buffer layer
Download 3D model of the unit
(.mov 2,31 Mb)
Bottom Tuyere ring Tuyere ring Roof of the furnace and Mouth Roof of the furnace and Mouth Lance zone Walls Buffer layer Buffer layer