Magnezit Group optimizes process of raw materials preparation for production of high quality refractories

Magnezit Group installs flow control analyzers of raw materials chemical composition at its production sites. They guarantee high quality sorting f magnesite by grades and at the same time increase of high quality magnesite recovery. Growth of high quality raw materials recovery will amount to 15 20 percent.

In April of current year second analyzer MAYA-6060-2010 (Israel) was commissioned at the crushing-and-benefication plant of Kombinat Magnezit (Satka production site, town Satka, Chelyabinsk region). The first laser analyzer was commissioned at the end of 2011. By the end of 2012 a third laser analyzer will be installed which will enable sorting in automatic mode of the whole mass of raw magnesite delivered for the production purposes.

Two more similar analyzers will be installed at the complex (which is at present under construction) for mining and treatment of magnesite at Lower Angara production site of the Group (settlement Razdolinsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory). Total investments into the program of improvement of efficiency of raw materials sorting amount to dozens of millions rubles.

The new equipment with built-in laser is located over the conveyor belt and it scans the raw material with the help of high frequency (10 20 impulses per second). Temperature in the focus point reaches 40 000C, magnesite partially turns into plasma and high precision equipment determines its chemical composition with the precision of up to hundredth fraction of percent. It allows optimizing the process of raw material sorting by grades. As a result the flow of raw material on the conveyor belt is divided: raw material corresponding to parameters of a certain grade, for example, first grade goes to one bunker, and magnesite of the second grade, the quality of which also corresponds to certain characteristics, goes into another bunker. The process is controlled by the automated system (SCADA).

Rational utilization of natural resources is one of the key strategic targets of Magnezit Group, pointed out Technical director of the company Lev Axelrod. Novel technological solutions allow more efficient utilization of resources and purposeful entrainment of different grades of raw materials into production process. High precision and continuity of the process of raw materials quality analysis at the stage of its preparation allows to ensure specified level of final products quality.

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