Magnezit Group - "The Best Socially Responsible Employer of the Year"

Magnezit Group became the winner of the regional contest «The Best Socially Responsible Employer of the Year». This year the competition was held in seven nominations and Magnezit Group won in the nomination «Development of mentoring system in organizations».

Under the terms of the competition in this new nomination, experts evaluated the mentoring program in place in the company and individual indicators showing the effectiveness of its implementation. The main evaluation criteria included the number of events in this area; growth in the number of mentors and employees who received on-the-job training; participation of the trade union in the mentoring system; and the share of mentors with the highest level of industrial qualification and vocational education graduates hired in the reporting year who underwent mentoring.

In 2022, the Group continued its HR policy, one of the main priorities of which is traditionally the attraction and retention of young people. This year, in accordance with the innovations at the production facilities, which are being implemented as part of the global technological modernization, the mentoring development program of Magnezit Group was supplemented with new initiatives and events dedicated to the Year of Educator and Mentor.

More than 600 people in the divisions of Magnezit Group are mentors of new employees. During the reporting year, the share of employees under 30 years of age increased by 2% and amounted to 17% of the total headcount.

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