Magnezit Group develops cooperation with EVRAZ Consolidated West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant (EVRAZ ZSMK)

Magnezit Group has won a number of tenders for delivery of refractories to EVRAZ Consolidated West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant (EVRAZ ZSMK). The companies will continue cooperation in several areas: tests of combined linings for steel teeming ladles and oxygen converters, tests of trial batches of materials of various purpose; imports substitution; repairs of working linings and development of new designs of thermal vessels linings.

In particular, on the site where EVRAZ ZSMK produces construction rolled metal, tests of Magnezit Group’s products are being continued and new tests are planned. Specialists are waiting for results of tests of combined lining of 350-tons steel teeming ladles. These tests were started in March 2016. The working lining of thermal vessel is made of bricks delivered from the plant Liaoning Dalmond Refractories, which is a Chinese production site of Magnezit Group. Refractories produced at Satka production site are used for slag lines and for maintenance. Pilot tests of monolithic covers for ladle-furnaces continue as well. These large-size shapes weighing nearly two tons were manufactured at the Department of Innovative Products. They showed themselves to good advantage last year during trial tests.

«One more new direction of cooperation is connected with deliveries of trial materials for blast-furnace shop. We are planning to test tapping and trough masses produced at the Chinese production site of Magnezit Group. Magnesia fluxes manufactured in Satka should be mentioned in particular. During recent years they have become indispensable assistants as far as it concerns improvement of vessels service life. In particular, they are successfully used for reduction of wear rate of the main areas of magnesia-carbon lining in converters. This year Magnezit Group will deliver to EVRAZ ZSMK 75 thousand tons of fluxes amounting to nearly 80% of the plant’s annual consumption», — representatives of Magnezit Group in Novokuznetsk informed.

Volumes of deliveries to the second production site of EVRAZ ZSMK (where rolled metal for railways is produced) are also impressive. During this year Magnezit will supply about 70% of working lining complete sets for 130-tons steel teeming ladles. Such sets were successfully tested last year. About 80% of the annually required volumes of repair and maintenance complete sets of refractories for ladles slag lines are also shipped from Magnezit Group.

«Tests of Satka refractories in working lining of 100-tons electric arc steel-making furnace were carried out successfully as well. In order to prove again the obtained results two more complete sets of lining will be delivered. And again if we speak about volumes it should be pointed out that Magnezit employees provide for half of the annual requirements: in total four such complete sets are required every year», — representatives of the Group in Novokuznetsk underlined.

At present the program of perspective cooperation in the main fields of development of ZSMK rail production site was agreed upon. In particular specialists of Magnezit Group will develop a new design of electric-arc steel-making furnace lining (EAF). The purpose of the new project is reduction of costs per unit during maintenance of lining and increase of the vessel service life.

The following technological proposals will be developed within the framework of the program: application of nozzle fillers for steel teeming ladles and EAFs; application of corundum concretes and of a novel type of Magnezit Group product — all-ceramic plates for sliding gates of magnesia-chrome-spinel composition. This work is carried out by specialists of the Directorate of Engineering Developments.

At present the process of preparation of the technical and budgetary offer for production and delivery of a complete set of refractories for steel casting is being completed. This set of refractories is intended for a continuous casting machine. The shapes will be produced in China.

Planned trial tests of refractories intended for all the above mentioned projects were successfully carried out.

For reference:

EVRAZ Consolidated West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant (EVRAZ ZSMK) consists of two production sites. The first one is the former Zapadno-Sibirski Metallurgical Integrated Works. It is the site for production of construction rolled metal. This enterprise consists of rolling workshops, by-product coke plants, blast-furnace plants, agglomeration plants, two oxygen converters workshops. The second production site is the enterprise for production of railway rolled metal (it is the former Kuznetsk Metallurgical Integrated Works). Here are electric steel-making facilities and a rail and structure steel mill which manufactures 100-meters long rails for railroads and rails for underground railways and tram roads. There are also two ball-rolling mills.

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