Ensuring safe and decent working conditions

Development of a corporate culture that promotes the effective work of the team, respect for human rights and ensuring the highest attainable level of industrial safety is imperative for our continued business success. Therefore it is a major commitment of our sustainability strategy.

In its daily activities, the Group strictly complies with all the requirements of the Constitution, the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, national and international standards in the field of human rights, the applicable labor protection legislation, and its own, in some cases stricter, standards set in corporate documents. All managers, employees and contractors of the Group at all levels are involved in solving these tasks, both within our business operations and our supply chain.

We have adopted the principles of the International Standard, ISO 45001 for our management system and we are fostering a culture in which we all take responsibility for our own health and safety, and that of others. We built our culture of safety on continuous improvement, learning and innovation. Teammates take a proactive, collaborative approach to all aspects of product and industrial safety, compliance. In any situation, every employee is empowered and encouraged to speak up if they have any safety or quality concern.

We believe all incidents and injuries are preventable, so our focus is on identifying, managing and, where possible, eliminating risks. To achieve this, we increase the use of automation and robots.

Our new technologies provide for competent, highly trained staff. So our people are a vital asset, and we take every responsibility to respect human rights and ensure that people are treated with dignity. To do so, we strive to offer our teammates social benefits often beyond the industry levels, provide learning opportunities and career development pathways. The Group does not discriminate on any grounds, labor relations, including approaches to appointments, promotions, training, remuneration and termination, are determined depending on skills and capabilities of our people.

More about our approach and commitments can be found in:

  1. 1.Code of Ethics
  2. 2.Policy in the field of quality, environmental protection, industrial safety and labor protection (available in Russian language only)
  3. 3.Supplier Code of Ethics