Social partnership, support of public initiatives and local communities

The success of the Group directly contributes to the social and economic stability of the regions of its presence. The Group builds open partnerships with stakeholders and actively participates and invests in initiatives to improve the quality of life of the local population — the development of urban infrastructure, support for culture, science and education, sports.

Being a large employer and taxpayer, the Group provides stable employment for its employees, adds jobs in local service and contracting organizations.

The issues of sustainable development of the regions where the Group operates, planning and implementation of social investments and large-scale charitable projects are constantly considered by the Board of Directors and shareholders. The social and charitable work is carried out with the participation of a social partner — the Cultural Initiative Supporting and Preservation Fund «Sobranie». Together, we work hard to built a lasting, positive legacy everywhere we operate, deliver positive, measurable social outcomes.

The Magnezit Group’s Social Investment Policy is based on the principles of transparency, partnership, responsibility and mutual respect of all interested parties. A deep understanding of the existing needs of local communities, which is necessary for the implementation of truly popular social projects and programmes, is based on the variety of communication channels with residents and active participation of the Group in advisory bodies at all levels of government and public organizations.

Socio-cultural and urban development is at the forefront of our cooperation with regional authorities. In particular, in 2014, the Satka District Development Assistance Fund was established. With the support of the regional authorities and the Group, it implements cultural projects and large-scale programmes within the framework of the Satka District Development Strategy.

Among the major projects implemented with the support of the Group:

The Group pays great attention to the development of industrial tourism. Following the results of the VII All—Russian Tourist Award «Route of the Year — 2021», Magnezit Group took 1st place in the nomination «The best route to the existing production». The Group’s museum, opened back in 1967, was completely renovated in 2018 and today is a modern exhibition, educational and career guidance center, one of the best corporate museums in Russia.

The tourist route «Russian Magnezit» includes a visit to the corporate museum, the observation decks of the quarries and visits to new production facilities of the Group.