Viktor Pfafentot is appointed General Director of Kyshtym Refractory Plant
On May 6. 2008 Mr. Viktor Pfafentot was appointed general director of Kyshtym Refractory Plant (subdivision of Magnezit Group). Mr. Pfafentot has been working at the plant since 2002 in the capacity of deputy general director.
Annual meeting of JSC Kombinat MAGNEZIT stockholders took place
On April 29 annual meeting of JSC Kombinat Magnezit stockholders was held.
President of Magnezit Group Sergei Korostelyov was awarded with an honorable decoration For the services rendered to Chelyabinsk region
Governor of Chelyabinsk region Pyotr Sumin presented  President of Magnezit Group with an honorable decoration For the Services Rendered to Chelyabisnk Region.
Meeting of Chelyabinsk region governor P. I. Sumin with head of Satka district V.G. Nekrasov and president of Magnezit Group S.P. Korostelyov
A regular meeting of the governor of Chelyabisnk region P. I. Sumin with the Head of Satka municipal district V. G. Nekrasov and the President of Magnezit Group, deputy head of the Committee for social politics of the regional Legislative Assembly  S. P. Korostelyov took place on January 31. 2008.
President of Magnezit Group is awarded with a distinction decoration For services rendered to Chelyabinsk region
President of Magnezit Group Sergei Korostelyov was awarded with an distinction decoration For Services Rendered to Chelyabinsk Region. Corresponding decree was signed last week by the governor of Chelyabinsk region Pyotr Sumin.
Magnezit Group acquired one the biggest in Eastern Europe plant for production of refractory materials

Magnezit Group acquired  99,6% of shares of the plant SLOVMAG, Lyubenik, Slovakia which is the biggest producer of refractory materials in Eastern Europe.

From December 1. salaries of Kombinat Magnezit employees will increase by 25 percent

Shareholders and management of Magnezit Group took decision to increase from December 1. 2007 salaries of Kombinat Magnezit employees by 25 percent. The task of salaries increase was defined by the president of Kombinat Magnezit as a priority direction of social politics aimed at improvement of employees living standards.

Projects of Magnezit Group are Laureates of METAL EXPO 2007
Magnezit Group became holder of the Golden and Silver medals of Laureate and two diplomas of Metal Expo in the framework of the metals week in Moscow.
Magnezit Group will participate in the XIII international specialized exhibition METAL-EXPO2007

On November 13-16. Magnezit Group will participate in the thirteenth International specialized exhibition Metal-Expo?2007 which will be held in Moscow at the All-Russia exhibition center within the framework of the biggest metallurgical forum in Russia and CIS countries Week of Metals in Moscow.

Magnezit Group took part in the conference of producers of refractories which was held in Sopot (Poland)

A conference devoted to questions of industrial application of Magnezit Group refractories was held in Sopot.


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